How to make family cloth

How to make family cloth

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Toilet roll.  With the recent scarcity around toilet roll, it might have had you thinking about the alternatives.  Particularly the cheaper alternatives.


We switched to family cloth a couple of years ago.  If you don’t know what family cloth is, then let me explain.  It’s reusable toilet paper.


It is squares of fabric that you use to wipe yourself and then wash and reuse again and again.  You will then no longer need to buy toilet roll and can just wash the cloths instead.


Let’s see how this extreme money-saving action fares:

What you need to make your own?

You can obviously buy them new, but likewise you can make your own.  You will need some fabric and your choice of fabric will depend on level of sensitivity down there.


I would recommend something fairly soft but with looser fibres.  Cotton towelling works well, but most fabrics will do.  I’d avoid microfibre though.


Old t-shirts work well and can provide you with some bright colours and interesting patterns.  They are great way to avoid throwing away unwanted clothing too.


To make them, you need to cut them into squares.  You can either use pinking shears to stop the fraying or get your sewing machine out.  There are lots of tutorials on YouTube to help you out with this.

How much do they cost?

The price varies a lot but there are solutions for every level of budget.  In this example, I would go for the most budget option as you are literally using them to wipe your rear end.

You can pick up packs of 50 on Amazon for around £15 to £20, or recycle your old clothing to make your own.

If you want something decorative, then you look at picking up some offcuts of fabric.  As long as you can cut out squares of about 20 x 20 centimetres then they will work perfectly.


How clean them?

Normally the biggest barrier people have to making the switch to family cloth is getting them clean again after use.


They do not require any special conditions for washing.  You can wash them in with another load of clothing and they will clean up fine.


If there is any staining, then hang them on the washing line wet and the sun will bleach this out.  For particularly tough stains, leave them on the line for a week come rain or shine.


Store used wipes in a sealed box or bag near your toilet until you have a load of washing to do.  It is sensible to wash them at least one a week to avoid too many smells.

How to make the switch?

The easiest way to make the switch is to phase them in.  Before your stash of toilet roll runs out, introduce the pile of wipes to your family.


You could start by using them for just wees and then work up to “more serious business” when you become more confident with them.


Have you made the switch to family cloth?

Did you save money by making this switch?   Did you make your own or make any initial investment?  Share your experiences below!

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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