How to make your own birthday stationery for cheap

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If there one thing that I haven’t missed during lockdown, it’s kids birthday parties.  Both attending them and putting them on for my kids.


But I am nervous about what birthday parties might look like for my kids next year if we are still looking at social distancing and soft play centres are shut.


You know me though, I like to save money so typically I have tried to do parties from home or the park anyway and doing this has been a great way to save some money.  But you can take this further and create a whole host of birthday related stuff yourself to give your kids a great day without breaking the budget.


What can you make yourself

The list of things that you can make yourself is extensive, but some of my favourites to make are stationery.  This includes things like party bags, invites, birthday card, banners and other decorations.


If you are planning a party in the park or another open space, you could also make clues for a scavenger hunt which is a great activity to keep the kids entertained.


All you need is access to some graphic editing software.  One of my favourites is Canva because the free version gives you access to so many tools and it is really easy to use.


In addition, you will need some graphics that can tie the whole theme together and create that real party feel.

How to access appropriate graphics

One of the best places to access graphic is Design Bundle.  You can often buy whole kits of graphics that you could use across all your stationery which will help create this unified feel.


On there you can purchase (for very small amounts and sometimes even for free) a variety of graphics including a banner svg, invite templates and more.


For many of them, you can purchase bundles of similar images so that you don’t have to hunt for ones that go together.


The best bit is that you only need to purchase them once.  So after you have purchased them you can use them over and over for a variety of projects.


The benefits of using SVGs

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics.  I always recommend that people chose to use these because they provide the best results.


These are images that can change size without loss of quality.  For example, let’s say you have a cute image of a unicorn that you wanted to use on both the invites and a birthday banner you could use the same file, expand it and it will still look great.


How much will they cost you

As I have said Design Bundles offers a variety of images that you can use at a variety of prices.  It is up to you to decide what the right price is for you.


However, given that you have access to use them over and over, it may be worth your money to buy a bigger bundle of images and then use them over and over.  Just remember to choose carefully.

What else could you use them for

The scope for using these images and creating your own projects is endless.  But to give you some clues, here are some of my favourites:

Christmas decorations

If they are good for birthdays, then they are good for Christmas.  You could use them to make everything from cards to gift tags to decorations.  A Christmas images bundles will serve you well year after year too, so you know that it is a good investment.


Craft projects

As well as images for creating cards etc, you can also access templates for various craft projects.  It is a great way to entertain the kids for a few minutes (or hours if you are one of those lucky parents) without breaking the bank.  You could also use them yourself if you are one of those craft-loving types.


Wedding stationery

If you are trying to do your wedding on a budget, then creating your own wedding stationery could save you a fortune and it is really easy with the tools that I have mentioned.  You could find a wedding bundle and then use this across your invites, order of services, name cards and thank you notes.  Plus, they would look just as good as If you’d bad someone else to do them. Trust me!


The options for saving money by designing your own products is endless, but I personally get so much joy from doing it too.  I dare you to give it a try.

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